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The weather got super chilly in Bangalore, you won’t believe I had to sleep wearing socks in the night.. Haha, anyhow my tolerance for cold is too low. Already in the mood for hot chocolates and movie night ? I was super glad to receive some messages, DMs and comments on the last week’s blog. Like I said earlier, if it’s helpful to even a few, I am happy to write. So diving into last week ?

1. Last week was packed for us, with Nandu traveling to the factory and our centralised warehouse. We are working on launching our all cotton light quilts – it’s a new product range and we are super excited and anxious about it. And our much awaited winter throws – you can expect a classic plaid throw and a simple yet stunning stripe with tassels! So looking forward to launching them it in the coming week! I know a lot of you are already awaiting them – they are totally worth the wait, I promise ? A sneak peak – below !

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2. We got around to doing the Christmas shoots. It was super fun putting up the tree, and styling our cushions and dining collection. So I believe in content batching – means our team gets together and we shoot about 3-4 different styled setting and take a few different angles and short videos. We then plan and schedule them through the week. You can expect some super cozy Christmas pics in the coming weeks ?

Do you guys want me to write more on Instagram tips & tricks ? Comment away !️

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3. We got featured in an article by Good homes, online portal. It’s quite a proud moment for us and the team. We have come a long way from aspiring to being in the magazines to being featured. We have been featured along with 13 other premium brands in the article titled ‘These 14 brands just wow us with their botanical inspired prints’ Leaving the link below for you to read ?

4. Do you love a freshly brewed beer? You will love this then. We just discovered a cool new brewery in Bangalore that is also a dine-in. It’s got super gorgeous outdoor seating – a perfect place for brunch with family or a date ❤️ Nandu vouches for the beer. Its a new brewery called “Geist”, on old Madras road. A few pics of the place. Both the food and freshly brewed beer are great. You can also get a growler in which you can take the fresh brew home and enjoyed it for a few days. We enjoyed the place thoroughly. Do give it a try !

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5. We went on a quick long drive, a small family function ! Excited about it, will share more when I can. Had good fun, found these huge gorgeous cypress trees ! #allthingschristmas You all know my excitement for December, the magical Christmas month, chilly weather and my birthday month too ?

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Thats it for this week! See you in the next ??

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