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So it was our anniversary last week, only when Nandu jokingly said it’s the first anniversary of Corona – 17th Nov, did we both realize that 18th November is our 10th wedding anniversary! A decade of togetherness. Ha, so as you can imagine we hadn’t planned anything. The past few years have been like a blink and haven’t been able to do plan much on the personal front. On the way to a meeting in the car (on our anniversary day), I started typing out a fun post – quizzing Nandu on what’s fun about us – an attempt to show more of us to the community. We received so many wishes and comments and a lot of DM’s with such sweet words most of them saying how inspiring our story is and how they loved to read and know a bit more about us and our journey. And they even said that my story telling was warm and welcoming. I have always thought my story telling is okayish only, now this made me thrilled. So I am attempting to write a short blog, to share a bit more about our journey, our challenges, our mind blocks, some interesting things concepts I come across, some of our stupidities even haha.. I want you all to know that its a small team and us who run the show and allow you all into our small – happy – yet a bit chaotic – world ! This would be like a short and sweet capsule of the week that went by.. of course this is also inspired by The Sunday 7 written by Shea Mcghee (So love her work ) Off to the highlights of the week that was !

1. We had a website agency meeting last week – yes finally after 2 years of designing, building and managing the website between the both of us, we have finally taken a call to entrust it with professionals, mainly because we feel they can bring in more value that the site demands and we are no longer able to give the time our website requires. So wish and pray all goes well ??

2. I have a bunch of DIYs planned for the holiday, but I am just not able to find time to do it. God just give me another 4 hours in a day pls. Sometime the paperwork involved in running a business takes priority ? I hope I get around to doing one this week.

3. The Christmas tree is up at our stores. I had managed to take a few clippings of how we put it up and shared it on IGTV. Did you have a look? Had shared a few tips and tricks that worked for us ?


4. We launched our Christmas & holiday  collection for 2020! Phew, this year we managed to launch the collection (Well most of the collection) on time, so all of you can decorate and enjoy the magical Christmas moments for as long as possible. This year demands atleast two full months of celebration, don’t you think ? And what more happier way than adding natural cotton furnishing to your Christmas decor? A lot of orders already going out and I cannot wait to see all your lovely homes with our products being part of it ❤️ Please do share the pics without fail, ok?

Christmas collection launch 2
Christmas collection launch 3
Christmas collection launch 4
Christmas collection launch 5

5. We have a very wacky idea for a small renovation at home, just met the contractor. Again I can’t tell much coz I don’t think we have the budget to execute it now. Sigh. One day soon.

6. I have never really used an aromatic candle much. But Aroma India sent me some samples and we tried the apple cinnamon & vanilla last week and we loved the apple cinnamon. It’s super calming to look at the wick burn and the aroma that fills the room! Ufff, bliss ! Had put a few pictures on stories!

7. We visited this gorgeous, huge nursery on Sunday and we totally loved it. I had shared a few pictures on stories, now more here! So we are adding gravel to our garden area coz no grass is growing due to the shade from our tree. We researched and found adding gravel to be the best alternative. We went looking for the green garden sheets to be put under, will take you through the process when we do it (Story for another blog). This nursery is huge, has almost all varieties of plants, garden accessories, pots, large fibre pots (the ones we use for the water lilies), garden tools and even some garden furniture. I found these cute little monsteras that are absolutely adorable, triostar stromanthe – such a gorgeous plant, air plants, spanish moss and a whole lot of flowering plants and succulents. It’s called Arun Farms & Nursery, in Hoskote, on Old madras road. Google it up for the exact location. Definitely worth a visit if you are crazy about plants like me. I promised my self that I wouldn’t buy more plants but I didn’t keep up the promise ?

A few pictures for you all to swoon !

Christmas collection launch 6
Christmas collection launch 7
Christmas collection launch 8
Christmas collection launch 9
Christmas collection launch 10
Christmas collection launch 11
Christmas collection launch 12
Christmas collection launch 13

That’s it – the week that was – for the first time from me. I really don’t know how many folks will read this, I only hope even if one of you is reading this and it inspires or helps you in any way – time well spent. And hey it gives me an opportunity to look back at the week with renewed glasses and I think I will enjoy it ?

Please do leave a comment if you like this new experiment, your thoughts and would you want me to write more?️


  1. Kavita Sanas November 25, 2020

    Nice write up

    1. Abhinayah S November 26, 2020

      I am glad you like it ?

  2. Kangofied November 26, 2020

    Nice write up 🙂 And don’t worry you have a huge following..Your blogs will definitely be read. Your effort won’t get wasted.Keep writing and keep smiling!!

    1. Abhinayah S November 26, 2020

      Thank you so much! This means a lot to me 🙂 Definitely going to keep writing and smiling ?

  3. Reshmma November 28, 2020

    Nice write up?..that nursery looks very well maintained…will be ordering my curtains soon


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