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Acacia wood & leather strap hand turned bowl

2242 Incl GST

Acacia wood hand turned bowl candle

2360 Incl GST

Burma Teak wood & Resin 2 seater dining

32450 Incl GST

Candle Holder set of 2

3150 Incl GST

Carved wood and Oval metal lamp shade

6490 Incl GST

Julie flora Wood turned Bowl planter

2065 Incl GST

Resin and wood base hand turned bowl

2537 Incl GST

Teak wood hand turned slim bowl

2655 Incl GST

Vaani wood hand turned bowl distress finish

2655 Incl GST

Canadian Pinewood & Resin carved chessboard table

17700 Incl GST

Carved wood and asymmetry metal lamp shade

7670 Incl GST
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